Writing a clear copy drives home more sales and attraction. People love reading your content if it resonates with them from the first word or sentence. Make this magic happen with effective SEO copywriting tactics. 

Learn more about these tips below in the blog post. Our Digi Smart Marketers are already using many tips we talk about. You see, we preach what we learn and execute. And that’s why our audience keeps coming back for more. 

4 Effective SEO Copywriting Tactics To Follow Through & Get More Leads On Your Business Page:

1. Know whom you target.

Marketing 101 rule is to know your customers. In this case, it’s your business blog post reader and then the client or customer. Your content has to be robust and relevant to convert them into a first-time purchaser.

That is why amongst many other effective SEO copywriting tips, this is the best one to follow. 

You can bring those forward if you know your reader’s pain point first. Do your necessary topic and keyword research on those points. Impress your reader with genuine skills, knowledge, and experience. 

Never shy away from talking about your own experience with the product or service you offer. Listing those journeys on your business page or blog post will bring more trust from casual readers or visitors. 

This “know-your-customer slash reader” can be a game-changer for your business. 

Example 1:

You have to know what stay-at-home moms are demanding and searching for. Join their communities. Talk to those moms frequently. Reach out to these moms for surveys and so on. Discuss their motherhood and lifelong issues. 

Without knowing these issues amongst them at this stage of their motherhood, it’s impossible to promise them a solution.

Example 2:

Suppose you want to target youngsters planning to scale up their careers after a gap. You cannot blindly post content on education or job postings. This won’t do the trick. 

Go to students with educational gaps. Find out the core reasons why these gaps occur first. Next, dig deeper with your survey and market research. Discover your top platforms offering the job to anyone or everyone with a skillset – without considering their career gap.

Know what you can offer them that others do not at this moment. Extend this plan for the next 5-10 years and project if your business model can survive or not. If you still have faith in accurate results, then go ahead and write the right content to attract such students to your business page. 

2. Research your keywords before you write.

Keywords are one of the most important tools of effective SEO copywriting tricks that I offer to you. Without investing your time in the keyword, it’s tougher to compete with your competitors in any given niche to rank better. 

Every day, people assemble content using powerful keyword research tools available online. Many of them are free. But those have limited functionalities. Others which are paid have unlimited qualities or features. However, not every tool might be for you. 

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Calculate or evaluate the same. You can use their free versions if the company allows you to check for yourself. Otherwise, hire a skilled SEO and keyword research team from Digi Smart Marketers

We regularly work with paid and free keyword research tools. It allows us to gather ample knowledge for our clients. We study each client’s business site and offer first. Then, we proffer a detailed analysis of which type of content marketing and digital marketing strategy to follow. 

This involves suggesting the best tools available under their budget and niches. We do this to save our clients time and effort. 

3. Watch your competitors and their business growth.

You have to watch over your competitors. Otherwise, you cannot blindly write content which people hardly find over search engines. Check how your business competitors have grown at this age and time. 

Evaluate their steps and verify if you can follow many of those steps with your USP. Because copying business tactics at this age is not a crime. But you have to ensure that you blend your competitors’ successful keyword ranking tactics with your point of view. 

You have to add your uniqueness. Otherwise, it’s hard to please the target readers and audience. If you start impressing them, they will explore your business page. From there, it will be more manageable for you to write content that sells and ranks. 

However, never stop speculating about your competitors’ growth. Check how many milestones they achieve chronologically. See what you can achieve amongst those in the given skill and budget. 

Plus, you always get better ideas to reform and rewrite your content from their pages. This saves time invested in primary research. 

4. Effectively exercise internal linking on your blog pages.

Effective SEO copywriting tips guide you to process internal linking on your business blog posts. These links add value to your blog post content. Readers might click the links if it solves their immediate query.

More than that, internal linking enables readers to stay on your website for more time. This means they consume more content highlighted on your site. Ultimately, you have to direct them to a link that will give them a better experience at each touchpoint. 

For that, your banners, headings, and content must be clearly readable. But do not overdo this tactic. Do not keep adding links after each paragraph or line. This will penalise your site. 

Google would ban it and prohibit its crawlers from indexing it. 

Only use relevant anchor text to hyperlink the content and lead the reader to another page on your site. But this new page must have better value addition prospects. It could lead to a product or service page. 

Otherwise, you can keep the readers engrossed in your content by interlinking the first page to the pillar post. This will give your reader a better and vast experience in becoming more knowledgeable about the subject matter. 


Understand effective SEO copywriting tips from the above pointers. This will give you a head start in writing better content on your business blog post. 

If you need more help to streamline and even automate your content with the reader’s intent, contact Digi Smart Marketers today. 

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