7 Effective Tips To Rank Your Articles Organically In 2022

By Nilakshi Garg – Bestselling author

Have you written an article and are not sure to rank it organically in 2022? Not to worry. This blog is meant to guide you seriously on the aspects of making your blog post SEO-ready in 2022.

Follow the tips mentioned below. This way, your next blog post will be highly optimised to gain organic traffic. Use these SEO tricks on your existing articles.

Plus, your everyday SEO task becomes quite manageable in fewer applicable tips to rank your articles organically in 2022.

I have researched multiple other contents regarding the current SEO trends. Then, I applied these tips to my personal and professional blogging sites. As a result, I was able to rank my articles organically on the Google SERP. You can do that too against the keywords you choose with research.

7 Effective Tips To Rank Your Articles Organically In 2022 And Beyond Are:


1. Build your website’s E-A-T score:

If you are blogging a particular topic, ensure you have Expertise, Authenticity, and Trust factor attached to your name. People should know why they must read anything you write. 

When you prove your E-A-T score for a particular niche/genre, they keep coming back. Your target readers will then recommend your blog posts and articles more. It also gives them a boost in their circle by sharing your articles with high credibility scores. 

2. Focus on entry-based SEO:

Entry-based SEO focuses on finding the right words, phrases, images, videos, and overall content for your niche. 

For example, if you are writing about solo travelling for single women in their 30s, writing words and phrases for a married couple is wrong. Then, you have to find phrases and words that are relatable and most written by single women in their 30s who loved to travel. 

So, that’s one of the workable tips to rank your articles organically in 2022. But for that, you should know the nitty-gritty factors of your niche. 

You have to dig deeper. Know your target readers more. Know their everyday behaviour, online or offline, and know what they talk about the most. Such knowledge helps build a brand that’s likeable, shareable, and gossip-worthy. 

3.Ensure to optimise your copy according to voice searches:

Voice SEO is one of the biggest tips you should follow to rank your articles on their own in 2022. Don’t miss out on this particular SEO opportunity. So, to build a strong voice SEO tactic, listen to podcasts of your country and niche. 

Take out words from their podcasts that are often talked about repeatedly. Interesting enough? Well, there’s more. 

You can make your copy – article or blog more conversational. 

Now, how do you do that and why?

Conversational tone of a blog helps reach a wider audience when they’re searching content using voice search. 

You can ask questions, use exclamation marks, put in your personal opinion, and end the copy with a strong CTA. 

What will happen with that strategy? You might wonder. 

Well, honestly speaking, it creates a hook. People pay more attention to what you’re talking about in your article if they find your sentences easy to read. Plus, your sentence structure should sound in their head like they’re having a conversation. 

It’s where copywriting skills work the best. Sharpen them by taking one or two copywriting courses to understand the importance of each word used in an article for your niche. 

4. Use the content gap analysis:

Go to websites like Ahrefs and SEMrush. Use the Content Gap analysis option there. With this tool, you gain access to keywords your competitors use to rank better and organically in 2022 for any given search engine. 

This way, you know which words are best to focus on as primary and related keywords on your blogging site.

You can write better copies than your competitors on those keywords. In time, you too will get more attention to your content without having to build paid backlinks. 

5. Use pillar and cluster content:

Those who read have curious minds. Why?

Because holding attention is very hard now. People hardly check anyone’s site these days. Everyone thinks whoever writes is writing to sell one thing or another. Well, majorly, they’re not wrong either. 

But if you get readers to read your blog post once, it means there is something more valuable you’re bringing forward. It means you have got the scope and the potential. Thus, you need to leverage on it now. 

But how?

That’s when you use pillar and cluster content. A pillar article is a main and lengthy article. Others are minor articles creating a cluster. This cluster links back ultimately to the pillar content. 

So, people searching for on-page SEO might be interested in technical SEO, ranking pages organically, creating a website, fixing WordPress bugs, and more. 

These all can be cluster content blogs. In contrast, the pillar content can subtly advertise your SEO services and agency. 

What happens after writing such posts?

Well, that’s one of the smartest tips to rank your articles organically in 2022. Because of this tip, you can increase the reader’s stick-around time on your site. They will keep clicking one link or another. So, instead of staying one minute, they might end up spending 10 minutes on your site. 

However, research a lot before creating pillar and cluster content. Otherwise, it can create a spammy look, which you don’t want… ever. 

6. Write content consistently:

Schedule content properly and show up to your audience. Don’t disappear after publishing one or two pieces of content. It will decrease your page’s DA and PA. Instead, maintain a schedule to post regularly. 

This way, your articles will gain more importance and value on Google SERP and other search engines. Their crawlers would know that you post valuable content consistently. So, you won’t have to look for grey or white hat SEO tricks. 

7. Get discovered on Google News:

If you have a blogging site that posts regularly, you can be eligible for a Google News partnership. So, make sure you have at least 50-100+ blog posts on your website. Then, you can apply for this partnership.

Many helpful guides are available online to get your site published on Google News. If that happens, you will gain more readership and views every day than before. The process will be organic without you having to pay anyone for off-page SEO services.


Use above-mentioned 7 effective tips to rank your articles organically in 2022 and beyond. I have used them all. So can you. They are easy and scalable.

Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate your support!

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