7 Local Keyword Research Tips For Dentists

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By Nilakshi Garg – Best selling author

Dentists can brush up their medical and clinical websites too. For that, they have to focus on keyword research tips for dentists. It’s even better when you incorporate local keywords into the type of dental services you offer. 

Most dentists would say they don’t have time to upload a blog. But in the growing era of a dynamic market and ever-evolving competition, you can’t afford to lose the reach. 

Instead, you can hire dentistry marketers like the ones outsourced from Digi Smart Marketers for Indians and foreigners. However, I would like to give you the best tips based on experience with dental clients for improving your reach and SEO of dental blogs. 

7 Local Keyword Research Tips For Dentists:

1. Make a calendar of ideas related to your dental services.

Don’t get overwhelmed with keyword research tactics from the beginning. It might sound too tough at first. To overcome it, start with medical blogs you can always talk about. Write about your experience, case studies, and dental industry knowledge. 

As a dentist, you already are versed well with topics and trends in your industry. Talk about patient issues, problems, and how you got to solve them within a few sessions. 

Write topics on what you can offer your patients nearby as a dentist. Take a hint from testimonials that your regular patients provide. 

And that is how you get over the jitters of having to promote your dental website for wider reach. It is exactly why keyword research tips for dentists work continuously better for dentists new to the online world. 

2. Hire a dental marketer to assist you with keyword research tasks.

Having a bunch of ideas on blogs to write and publish on your site is a basic step. The keyword research journey is a long way home. But not to worry. Dental marketing experts nearby can help you with the same. 

Talk to the Digi Smart Marketers team when you’re free. Here, you get the right explanation on the call about the keyword research tips for dentists. We let you feel comfortable and easy with the topics to research. Our team knows exactly which dental keywords are trendy and have potential. 

We already use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush for paid plans on keyword research for specific niches like dental. It’s even better to research keywords for dentists in a particular area or region. 

3. Use keywords that are relevant for the cases you handled.

One smart way to start your keyword research for dental blogs and websites is to look at cases you handled. Look at the pictures, testimonials, reviews left behind by your clients. Then, go back and check what they all are talking about regarding your dental services. 

Use their words as the primary keywords in your dental blogs. This way, you won’t have to only depend on online research with paid tools. With handled cases examples, you know where you have the potential to rank for promoting your dental services. 

The Digi Smart Marketers team can study your testimonials and cases if you feel there’s no time. We can pick out the best keywords for your dental website on time. 

4. Read more information and the latest news on the topics you want to publish.

The ideas around dental blogs you have might be old and not accurately updated. So, keyword research tips for dentists also suggest that you study those cases. In addition, there might be new advancements with the upgradation of technology in the medical and dental sector. 

Then take out the most relatable or used words in the latest news article. Finally, run a check on those keywords by using keyword research tools freely online. By doing so, you will acknowledge if the chosen keyword has enough search volume or not. 

5. Study your local competitor’s dental blogs to take the hint of high-ranking keywords.

Other dentists in your area are your close competitors. Don’t ignore their dental blogs. Read them and check what they are writing about frequently. Can you provide better content and service to your patients? Verify that by rechecking your cases and knowledge. 

Also, try crawling your competitor’s website. There are enough tools available online for reading your competitor’s page. This will give you a bunch of keywords they’re ranking for. It can be organic or paid. Some sites show you both keywords. 

Then use those keywords around the dental blogs on your medical website. If you provide better case studies, your site can rank better than theirs. 

6. Read global dental websites to get ideas for local keyword research.

Keyword research tips for dentists also work in your favour when you follow this strategy. When you study global dentists, there will be more keywords you get. 

But these dentists are not your close competition. So, using their keywords in your local dental blog won’t be a problem. For example, there’s an Irish dentist ranking organically for keywords like Invisaligns in Ireland at affordable rates. 

Now, if you’re in India, you can use Invisalign in India at affordable rates

However, that’s just one example to educate you on the best way to apply this strategy on your local dental service website

7. Take a hint of catchy titles – used by dentists in your area.

Writing a relevant dental blog is okay but not enough. As per current keyword research tips for dentists, you must also have catchy titles. It might sound too irrelevant at first. 

But think like a reader when you’re deciding a title around the local dental blog keywords.

For example, titles like Hire Dentist in Delhi With 15+ Years of Experience are catchy. 

Using “I am a Delhi dentist with a decade of experience in dental services” title for a website landing page is boring and vague. 


There are 7 keyword research tips for dentists in the blog above. Not necessarily will all apply to you if you have a different approach. But most commonly, these tips have been continuously used by dentists for mastering local SEO of their dental blogs. 

Try using these tips if you have a set schedule as they require no investment from our end. If that’s not enough, the Digi Smart Marketers team is there for you. Let’s have a chat on what we can do for ranking your dental blogs organically. 

Thank you for reading my article, I appreciate your support!

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