The Best YouTube Keyword Tool List For Ranking Your Videos On YouTube Faster

By Nilakshi Garg – Bestselling author

Are you a new video blogger in the YouTube market? Want to know how to rank your YouTube videos easily at the top? Then you need to have ample information on the YouTube keyword tool. 

Using some tools, which I’ll explain below, you can understand the importance. Some keyword tools give you a free list of words, while others are premium. But when you know the best use of the keyword, you can gain organic traffic in no time. 

However, make sure that you’re consistent. Because even if you know keywords without using them consistently, the attempt to rank higher fails. The best is to avoid this situation when you love video blogging and spreading information to your target audience. 

Also, when you start uploading regularly, there will be a genuine fan following. It will take time. But once you grab eyeballs online, the primary responsibility is on you. So, ensure that you use the YouTube keyword tools appropriately. 

List Of YouTube Keyword Tool That Works For Your Videos To Rank Them Faster On YouTube:

1. Keywordtool.io

It works like a search bar. So, you have to write the targeted keywords you plan for your next YouTube video in its search bar. Mind that this tool is a paid one, even if it’s online. You get minimal services as a guest or free user from this YouTube keyword tool. 

The result shows you:

  • Keyword suggestions
  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Hashtags

Each such category would also show you:

  • The search volume for the particular keyword in the list in a given month. 
  • How the trend of the specific keyword has been for the last 6-12 months.
  • The average cost-per-click is to invest in these keywords through Google AdWords for running Ads.
  • The level of competition or the difficulty of ranking these keywords on YouTube.

The paid version has three plans as of now:

  • Pro Business: the highest level
  • Pro Plus: the medium level
  • Pro Basic: the fundamental one

This YouTube keyword ranking site gives you the option for monthly billing and offers a 20 per cent discount on annual billing. Plus, you can search more keywords here for other sites like Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Instagram, Twitter, and Play Store. 


This tool can help you get started as a new Youtuber with limited knowledge of keywords. But this is paid software online. Be mindful of that. To check the prices, you should check the site yourself. 

2. Ahrefs.com

If you’re into digital marketing, content marketing, and YouTube marketing, you must be familiar with Ahrefs.com. If not, this is your chance to know this tool better. 

Use this tool from the registered email I.D. for your blogging and other websites. It would then show the correct details for your regular blogs or videos on that site. 

Whereas for YouTube keywords, you can use this tool from any Gmail ID. 

Though Ahrefs.com has a paid version facility, it still provides you leverage on being a guest. It means that you can use the YouTube keyword finder search bar available on Ahrefs without paying a single penny or rupee or dollar out of your budget. 

  • Search your desired keywords on the search bar. 
  • Choose the country. 
  • Make sure you clear the captcha part or click the pop-up to ensure you are not a robot.

This search tool gives you options like:

  • Phrase match: Here, you get the exact phrase and similar ones.
  • Questions: Get YouTube keywords based on questions to ask from your audience.

There are only one thing this search engine shows. The average monthly volume of each keyword you search in either of the two categories is explained above. 

That is the biggest con for using this app for only YouTube keywords. At least, in the free version because I used it. 

Also, after a few searches, this search bar starts showing fewer keywords. It will show even fewer keywords if you search for a very profitable one. Eventually, it will ask you for a free trial or a paid version. At least, that’s what I experienced. 


Use this ahrefs.com website for a chunk of free YouTube keywords to get ranked on. But don’t expect too much out of it when using a free search. 

This YouTube keyword tool is very basic. It’s also because ahrefs.com focuses on websites and blogging channels majorly for analysing your monthly organic traffic and SEO score. 

3. Tuberanker.com

This is yet another tool to find better keywords for ranking your videos on YouTube. Though, there are some restrictions on the local searches on this tool. 

For instance, I searched for the keyword “Kerala blogger,” but there was no response. When I searched for “Blogger,” there were certain keywords I could use in a YouTube blogging video to rank it right. 

This tool tells you the monthly search volume of keywords. You can copy the entire list of the keywords it shows. Otherwise, print it, save/download it in Excel/Pdf/CSV format. 

There are other features on this YouTube keyword tool to avail. For example, use:

  • Channel audit
  • Keyword tool
  • Rank tracker
  • Description generator
  • Hashtag generator – extract the hashtags relevant for a keyword to rank your videos better.

The description generator is pretty cool. It gives you the format to write the entire YouTube description script. It saves you time and effort. But you have to write the script yourself, of course. 

Yet, I have only tried the free version. There will be more advantages to using each tool on this site when you buy the pro version. 

This site is offering two plans right now: 

  • Basic plan
  • Advanced plan

You get to enjoy a free trial on both these plans. For that, you have to sign up first. Later, the site might ask for your credit card details to start the free trial. So, take the steps accordingly. 


This site ranks well on Google itself against the “YouTube Keyword Tool.” So, need I say more? The purchasable plans are quite affordable too. But you can make the most of the freely available keywords too. 

I recommend you try this site because you can make your YouTube videos more professional, clean, and sleek using its tools. 

4. Zutrix.com

This site also has a pretty standard layout of a search bar on its page for the YouTube keyword tool. You put in a keyword and select the country/language to specify your search. 

In about 4-5 seconds, you will see a gigantic list of keywords. I typed “blogger.” Got 30-40 keywords. Only 4 out of them had clear information. Rest is available for the paid version, as usual. 

In this searching tool, I got these options:

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Cost-per-click rate
  • Trend

However, I was not shown that the search volume is monthly, weekly, or yearly. But, given that most sites show monthly traffic, the search might be monthly. Yet, it’s only my guess. 

There was no information about the CPC, competition, and trend figures as well in the free version I used. 

You can download the keywords list in CSV format here. Otherwise, copy the entire keyword list to your clipboard. 

This site has really smooth and unbelievable plans:

Starter pack – $3 per month as of January 2022.

Basic pack – $9 per month. 

Standard – $18 per month.

Advanced – $34 per month. 

In the starter pack, you can track 34 keywords and their ranks along with automated reports, SERP features facilities, keyword lab, and more. 


This site is best for people who want to make a career in digital marketing and YouTube marketing. It has plans from as basic as $3 per month. But this could be because right now, they are offering discounted rates. I am not sure about the real pricing after the deal is off. 

For more information, it’s better you check the site yourself right now. 

P.S. – all the plans discussed above for this site can be billed annually. If you choose that, you get about a 20 per cent discount. So, the $3 per month package is not $2 per month. 

Super attractive, I would say!

5. app. kparser.com

It’s an interesting software or app site. It shows the regular search bar for finding the best YouTube keywords. But it also shows multiple features, including the advanced ones. You can include and exclude other words before or after the main keyword in the advanced option. 

This app or site is for creative bloggers who want to create a market trend on YouTube. 

Also, you can see each keyword having a distinct Kparser rank, the volume of monthly searches, and the usual CPC. In the free version, you can see the Kparser rank freely of every keyword in the list. But other information is hidden. You need a pro or paid version for that. 

The plans on this site are quite standardised. It’s offering:

  • Basic plan: $19 per month.
  • Pro account: $69 per month.
  • Startup plan: $29 per month. 

Check the site yourself for features and benefits included in each plan. Otherwise, use the free version to get a list of trendy keywords. 


This YouTube Keyword tool is best for people with a budget and a penchant for writing creative scripts. This tool can help people with unique and trend-setting ideas across their favourite niches. 

Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate your support!


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