Track & Implement 5 Digital Marketing 2022 Trends To Market Your Business Right

By Nilakshi Garg – Best selling author

A digital marketer of this age & time is the ultimate changemaker. They set the trend, brand the company, bring in continuous profits, and are the primary evangelists of the company. Helming this role, the world: your market and vendors, doesn’t expect you to excel only in SEO and content marketing. 

We are, quite rather, moving 5 to 50 steps ahead of it. And you, the confused marketer? Well, now you buckle up. Jump on the bandwagon. Show them what you got. Be agile, adept, and open to new challenges!

However, if that’s overwhelming for you at this point, be ready to grasp the ideation of digital marketing 2022 trends

I have searched well and enough about these trends. Every other blogging site and SEO guru is talking about privacy, intent, and whatnot. So, I bring you what I feel is the most useful, being in the content business for the past 3-4 years. 

5 Digital Marketing 2022 Trends To Track & Implement and Market Your Business Effectively:


1. Being dominant on one platform vs omnipresent marketing:

Some say be dominant on one. Others say you got to be everywhere! It simply confuses the marketer who wants to know what’s coming in their way. 

So, what do you do?

I suggest you learn about each marketing platform. Don’t just follow the herd or gamble all your efforts. 

Note that each marketing efforts demands your

  • Time & attention, 
  • Cost & budgeting, 
  • Knowledge & experience, and 
  • Continuous + effective team effort. 

Each social media and marketing platform has its pros and cons. You will find different types of people active on different channels, behaving intelligently on one and completely dumb on another. 

Disclaimer: nobody would tell you this. It’s my observation and calculation to write smarter than all the crowded and AI-generated content online. 

You will have to know how many marketing platforms can you manage at a time. How will you automate similar content on multiple channels? And will it get you a similar reaction from the other side? 

Because listing jobs on LinkedIn would be more effective than flashing them on Snapchat stories or TikTok. 


Use your intelligence before marketing your brand, services or products everywhere. Your target customers want relevant content on relatable platforms – be it one or all. 

2. Prioritise storytelling more than selling:

Your customers are not fools. Marketing too is at its 5th phase. That means you need to up your selling and marketing game as per the digital marketing 2022 trends. Following the AIDA game will not always work in our fast-growing and developing digital era. 

What to do then?

Work on the ABCD formula. 

  • A- attention
  • B- branding
  • C- connection
  • D- direction

Learn how to write a hook of your content: blogs, articles, press releases, white papers, case studies, social media posts, landing pages, newsletters, and the like. 

A hook drives attention. It makes people think about your brand for once. To drive them further, show them what’s your brand about, why it exists, how it came about, and everything behind that’s behind the scenes. 

With branding, your target customers would relate to you. They would know that real people like them run the company. And they want to feel connected to those people and their offerings, skills, and experience. It leads to the connection part. 

Your story of each Ad, article, blog, or similar content has to be resonating. 

Why would you read till this line if you don’t feel I am giving you something valuable? Unless you feel that I get you as a marketer and writer, you won’t. 

And next is direction. You cannot simply ask people to buy your product/service. 

First, find out why they should buy your service/product.

What’s so special about you? Show them through stories like in the format of:

  • Television Ads
  • Insta/ FB Ads
  • Short & featured movies/series
  • Influencer marketing clips
  • Live webinars, Q/As, live events

When you indulge in these story writing and story filming ideas, you give your brand opinions, voices, and faces. That’s when people intrinsically feel that your company’s offerings, achievements, drawbacks, and market value does matter. 

For instance, some brands are going viral online without much investment. 

Why is that? 

Because these ads or live videos representing a brand have the power to move people’s emotions and thinking. 


Study the art of storytelling and ABCD to generate people’s interest in your brand offerings continuously. 

3. Verify the content and user intent before launching the same:

One of the most amazing digital marketing 2022 trends to follow is this one. You have to know the user and content intent beforehand. You cannot simply use a keyword and publish it with your Ads online. 

People are extra sensitive as it is online these days with quick access to media and grievance channels. We have already seen many brands drawing back their Ads around Diwali in 2021 in India. 

Focus on three main Cs before writing and publishing any content for your digital marketing 2022 strategy:

Content type – It could be text, video, audio, or a blend of both. 

Content format– It can be articles, blogs, press releases, case studies, buying guides, how-to guides, product reviews/descriptions for affiliate marketing, listicles, or a blended version of two. 

(P.S.: – This blog post is a listicle. A blended one.)

Content angle – There is always a unique point in content and its heading. 

For instance, I used “track” and “implement” words in this blog post title. 

I intend to grab the attention of readers who are ready to implement new digital marketing 2022 trends to market their business effectively. 

It means these marketers are knowledgeable, not new in the market, and have the right skill and will to improve their craft. 


Search content management and warehouse sites like:

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo,
  • YouTube, 
  • FB, Twitter, and Instagram, 
  • Tumblr, 
  • Quora,
  • Reddit, and more. 

Use Google Trends, Google Analytics (of your site and social media), and similar tools. 

Use heatmaps to know why anyone stops at a particular section of your site or post. Check Google’s People Also Ask section whenever you type a “keyword” to search anything. 

Browse your own history on Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, or other browsers. Verify why you type in specific keywords and where you click the most. – and why?

In short, study your own psychology as a user/buyer/customer first before you reach out to the world to market/sell. Then, implementing these digital marketing 2022 trends would be easier, effective, and lucrative enough to generate profitable leads continuously

4. Study the privacy policies and implement them on your business channels:

Privacy is marked and marketed as the major concern for the coming years, not just 2022. Your site has to have a clear privacy policy and terms and conditions. It’s mandatory when you are inviting users to your channel and asking/soliciting/influencing them to buy. 

Each user or buyer’s data needs to be protected and encrypted. Every country has its own privacy rules and regulations. If you fail to follow it, your company might face legal charges from any buyer. 


I highly recommend you not to take the privacy terms lightly while considering the implementation of digital marketing 2022 trends. That’s irrespective of the country where your business operates. 

Hire lawyers majoring in these areas. Ask them to audit your site thoroughly. Check for loopholes and disconnect with them asap. Ensure neither your content nor your product/service is ever harming your target buyer’s intention. 

5. Ensure that you know how to incorporate AI and ML in your business:

Words like ChatBox, Virtual Assistant, AI tool for writing sales copy are fancy. New marketers have a limited idea about which tool to use and how. I recommend you not to get influenced by these terms. 

First, ask does your company needs these helping hands right now? What’s the use of these complex tools when you’re just starting off? And it certainly won’t help you when you have limited manpower for it. 

So, don’t blindly believe what others are marketing. The digital marketing 2022 trends are all about making intelligent and smarter marketing efforts, to be honest. 

Hence, know how AI and ML help scale your business to a new level that earlier was not possible. Read about ChatBox and Virtual Assistant case studies first. Know the reviews of AI tools. Check the lifetime deals on sites like AppSumo first because these tools and apps are not cheap. But a lifetime deal can save you a few or a lot of bucks. 

Also, most AI apps in automating content and your social media posts are a fluke. They offer you minimum services in the free version. Then, coax you into buying their premium plans, which are even more complicated. 


You need an AI/ML expert to guide you on ChatBots like services. Because simply being online 24/7 for your buyer is not the ideal solution. You to deliver on the promises and customer expectations as well as per the digital marketing 2022 trends.  

Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate your support!